The BERD Methods Core will use the following request form to assess your collaborative needs and prioritize our resources. Data collected via this request form (and subsequent questionnaires) may be used for quality improvement project related to optimizing quantitative collaborations at Duke. If you choose to participate, you will be asked to complete this request form with your affiliation and project information and it should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. After completing this request form, you will be asked to complete two (2) questionnaires. The first questionnaire will be emailed to you after we attempt to identify a collaborator for your project. If a collaborator is identified, you may receive another questionnaire about your collaborative experience. Each of these questionnaires will require no more than 2 minutes to complete.

Information collected via this request form may need to be shared with appropriate methodologists both inside and outside of Duke to help identify an appropriate collaborator for your project.

Any publications focused on improving the quality of this process will include only aggregate data and your personal identity will not be revealed. If you have any questions please contact Gina-Maria Pomann at or 919-684-3135. Your participation is voluntary and you may choose to discontinue your participation at any time by contacting Gina-Maria Pomann.

By completing and submitting this request for collaboration, your consent to participate in this quality improvement project is implied. Please click on "Next Page >>" to proceed to the request form.

Notes: All grant requests should be submitted at least two (2) months before any required project completion deadline (e.g., 2 months prior to a grant submission deadline). Investigators submitting requests for statistical assistance with research grant preparation are expected to include a budget for statistical effort in the grant. It is our policy that for statistical support requests which result in manuscript(s), a statistician's contribution should be recognized by manuscript co-authorship.

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