We welcome groups to participate in a dedicated discussion with their research unit on the RCR topics most relevant to the group. These events can be formal workshops or smaller discussions. However, they must be approved in advance to be eligible for 200-level RCR credit.


Criteria for RCR-200 Credit:

Format: The event must contain an interactive discussion component for all attendees, providing attendees an opportunity to exchange ideas on the presented RCR topic.

Length: The event should last for at least one hour. Attendees must participate for at least 60 minutes to be eligible for credit. When possible, we recommend events be more than an hour to allow leeway for individuals who may show up late or leave early.

Topics and Learning Goals: The HHS Office of Research Integrity outlines 9 topics that comprise the foundation of RCR education; any one or combination of topics would qualify as the focus of an RCR-200 event:

  1. Data acquisition, management, sharing and ownership
  2. Conflict of interest and commitment
  3. Human subjects
  4. Care and use of animals in research
  5. Research misconduct
  6. Publication practices and responsible authorship
  7. Mentor/ trainee responsibilities
  8. Peer review
  9. Collaborative science

These 9 areas may not fully encompass all topics that are relevant to RCR. When you organize an event for RCR credit please consider one of the topics listed above or another topic that has relevance for the integrity of scientific or scholarly research. When considering if a topic is relevant to RCR education, ensure that you can answer yes to all of the following questions:

  1. Does learning about this topic promote more ethical research?
  2. Does discussion of this topic increase the learner's awareness of research integrity challenges?
  3. Are learners receiving information on best practices or approaches to address these challenges?

Visit the RCR Toolbox for resources, guidelines, and information on how to facilitate and lead a workshop or small discussion with your research team dedicated to RCR topics.

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