Welcome to DGHI's Research Design & Analysis Core faculty request form. This form is intended for use by DGHI-affiliated faculty, or by people submitting requests on behalf of DGHI-affiliated faculty. DGHI affiliates, research scholars, postdoctoral scholars/associates, and visiting scholars may request Core support as resources permit.

RDAC will use the following request form to assess your collaborative needs. Data collected via this request form (and subsequent questionnaires) may be used for quality improvement related to optimizing quantitative and qualitative collaborations at DGHI.

Notes: All grant requests should be submitted at least three (3) months before the submission deadline. Investigators submitting requests for methodologist (e.g., statistician, epidemiologist, etc.) assistance with research grant preparation are expected to include a budget for methodologist effort in the grant. It is our policy that for methodological support requests which result in manuscript(s), a methodologist's contribution should be recognized by manuscript co-authorship.

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