Duke Pulmonary Medicine is currently recruiting male and female volunteers (18 years of age and older) who have a history of asthma for a research study called MitoQ to see if an anti-oxidant pill called mitoquinol (mitoQ) might be helpful to control asthma. The Duke physicians involved in this study are Dr. Loretta Que and Dr. Anne Mathews.

The survey below will ask you a few basic questions to assist us in contacting you to inform you about the study and to confirm you meet certain study criteria. If you prefer, we can also ask you the survey questions over the phone and complete the survey for you.

Completion of the survey also means that your information will be seen by members of the Pulmonary Medicine research team. The only risk to you is the risk of loss of confidentiality. However, all of the individuals who will see your information are trained professionals who work with healthcare information daily and are aware of the importance of maintaining confidentiality of health records. Your personal Information will be stored securely and can be withdrawn at any time.

For questions or more information please call Antoinette Santoro, or Catherine Foss, CRC's at 919-479-0861.

To be considered for the MitoQ study, please complete the survey below.

Thank you!


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