Thank you for your interest in the consultation services provided by the Duke Clinical & Translational Science Institute Community Engaged Research Initiative (CERI).

CERI strives to be a national leader in facilitating equitable, meaningful, and robust CEnR for community health and health equity. Towards this end, CERI develops and conducts programs, services, and initiatives that build awareness of and capacity for community-engaged research and translation among researchers, community organizations, and community members and directly support community-engaged research and translation.  We also work to inform changes in systems and policies to reduce barriers to community-engaged research and translation, continually improve the quality of our work, and contribute to the science of engagement. 

This 1-hour consult is a free service provided by the Duke Clinical & Translational Science Institute's Community Engaged Research Initiative. The information you provide to CERI is confidential and will not be shared with any other entity.

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